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Buhari didn’t order raid on Atiku’s home – Presidency


Aso Rock has refuted media reports that President Muhammadu Buhari ordered a raid on the Abuja home of son of the presidential candidate of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, by the Eco­nomic and Financial Crimes Com­mission (EFCC).

Presidential spokesman, Garba She­hu, said on Monday that equally un­true was the report that the bank ac­counts of Atiku’s running mate, Peter Obi, have been frozen by the anti-graft agency.

The raid on Aliyu and Mustapha, Atiku Abubakar’s residence at Maita­ma on Saturday came a day after claims emerged that Obi, had his bank ac­counts frozen by federal authorities.

The two anti-graft agencies, EFCC and ICPC, had reportedly denied freez­ing Obi’s accounts.

Shehu said in a statement in Abu­ja that the stories were peddled by the PDP, which he accused of mischief with its “growing expertise in fake news”.

According to the spokesman: “The story about the raid ‘ordered by Buha­ri-led government’ on the home of PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abuba­kar’s son and the fairy tale on the al­leged blockage of the bank accounts of the running mate, Governor Peter Obi and his family are both untrue, and should be dismissed as just anoth­er manifestation of the PDP’s growing expertise in fake news.

“Nigerians must be becoming wary by now, of a political party with abso­lutely nothing to offer in the coming elections and has instead, transformed into a knight in shining armor, slay­ing the truth.

“In this so-called transformation, PDP has changed into nothing but to a ceaselessly flowing stream of fake news.

“It is impossible to find in Nigeria today, anyone propagating fake news more than the PDP. Our advice to Ni­gerians is: ignore them.”

*It’s dirty politics to deny inva­sion – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) Presidential Campaign Organ­ization (PPCO) has described as ‘dirty politics’, attempts by the Presidency to deny the invasion of the home of the sons of its Presidential candidate, by the EFCC.

They also described as “vicious, out­rageous, dirty and reprehensible”, the denials of the freezing of the accounts of its vice presidential candidate, Pe­ter Obi.

The party described the incident as ‘wicked politics’ that the APC and the Buhari Presidency are importing into the polity, urging all Nigerians, particu­larly the youths, to rise in condemna­tion of these vicious acts.

The Spokesperson of its Presidential Campaign Organization, Kola Olog­bondiyan said “the invasion of the home of Aliyu and Mustapha, even in their absence, allegedly in search of im­aginary cache of foreign currency, has further exposed how depraved the Bu­hari Presidency has descended in their desperate plot to harm, traumatize and malign the character of our presiden­tial candidate and his family.

“It is indeed appalling that the Bu­hari Presidency can now go as low as engaging in wicked politics of chasing after family members of a presidential candidate, who are neither govern­ment officials, government contractor nor involved in any underhand deal­ing, but young students pursuing their legitimate personal educational careers without ill will to anybody.

“While nothing incriminating was found in the apartment, the PPCO has been made aware of how the squad, said to be acting on ‘orders from above’ ransacked the house and destroyed val­uables belonging to Atiku’s children and we demand an explanation from the leadership of the EFCC”.

Ologbondiyan insisted that last week, all transactions in bank accounts belonging to the PDP vice presidential candidate, Peter Obi, his wife, his fam­ily members and their businesses were stopped by agencies of the Buhari pres­idency on account of imaginary inves­tigation.

“PPCO counsels the APC and the Buhari Presidency to come to terms with the fact that Nigerians have moved beyond them and that no amount of in­timidation, harassment or attack on its candidates, leaders and their families will stop Nigerians from voting them out of office, come 2019 and electing its candidate, Atiku Abubakar,” he said.


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