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Campaign Against Political Thuggery- Munu Mairiga


In any political system, the Youth-age group is the center of activity serving as a tool in carrying out some unhealthy actions such as violence during election .
I am not saying, its all youths that involve in such acts,No, must youths are very responsible and well behaved.

Its time we discourage political thuggery, bandits, kidnapping, blackmail and other ill vices especially during political campaigns.Youths who are used by our leaders as political toys, brain washed to help in destroying their future just to have them work for their interests against opposition , or anyone they feel can be a threat to their political moves.
Such people are indirectly engaged in destroying the society that would be an unhealthy for all of us and there will be no peace

The concern most times is not just having them to work for you, its normal to have young adult as mobilizers too. But engaging them in carrying out some deadly, life threatening activities is a thing of concern and is worrisome.
Politicians must disengage from nursing political thugs, so as to have a neutral politics in play there by allowing the beauty of democracy to surface.

Nowadays, common sense is no longer common and most of our youths are victims of political ignorance. As such we must make an avenue for political enlightenment, education and some campaign approaches free from hatred, and violence instigative approaches.

Our leaders must know that, the society is becoming more politically advanced in all ramifications and things must be handle inline with the above. With the current happenings, Politics is becoming a game of the brain. This have to be applied so as to save our society from collapsing and to disengage our youths from political tumors what will ruin their lives. Unsocial happenings in politics, must be discourage with a very strong emphasis.


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