Gentlemen of the Press

It is with a deep sense of commitment that we call on you for this brief discuss to register our desire for the need of a Riverine Governor come 2019.

This call became very necessary as that is the only path to equity, fairness, justice and the enhancement of peaceful coexistence in our dear state. We as women of Rivers State observed with total dismay how the leadership of our state has been domiciled in a particular section of Rivers State, whereas the state is made up of Upland and Riverine brotherliness, to our thinking and that of every rational thinkers that from 1999 (3rd republic) to 2019 (8th republic), the State has been governed by the upland brothers spanning from Sir. Dr. Peter Odili, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to Barr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike.

It is only fair for every Rivers son and daughter to rally round a Riverine Governor to taste the seat of power in our dear state.

Equity, Fairness, Justice, and togetherness has been advocated, but how can we achieve these fair tones without practice, this is why we call on all Rivers Elders, the Political class, Traditional Rulers, Youths, Women and every facet of life in Rivers to join hands so that our call and advocacy of truth, fairness, equity, justice, and togetherness can be a fulfilled will.

Rivers Women Alliance is a non-political, non-governmental organization with a view of total chatter for united Rivers society. Our unity, well-being, and togetherness are sacrosanct, hence the need for rotation of power between the upland and the Riverine.

We remain committed to this course and it is our belief and trust that come 2019 a Riverine son or daughter will emerge in any of the political parties as the Governor of Rivers State.

We believe it will not be too much to allow all concerned in a common heritage to have a fair share of the commonwealth in service. After all, a renown scholar once said, equity is in vain when oppression is the other of the day in an indifferent society. The deliberate assent of this clarion call to rotate power is just, finest and clinches the order of the day.

In our course of reach outs, we have come across some asserts that Chief Rufus Ada George was once elected Governor of Rivers State, we viewed this to be the assertions of those who are not abreast with realities of Rivers State yesterday, today and tomorrow. The answer to this question is not far-fetched; old Rivers State is made up of Bayelsa and the present Rivers State, at a period when governance was managed and administered by the military at the centre and eventually that administration was cut short by the same military government that formed it, thus our argument is that Chief Rufus Ada George was Governor of old Rivers State and not the Rivers State of present.

As a people of indivisibility, we also need to share in our bond of togetherness to expressly entrench the equity, fairness, justice, and unity. Twenty solid years of brotherhood with one as the automated head is a gross injustice and thus demeaning on the others in the co journey. We must not alienate others rather we must live in oneness without a heart full of troubles and seeming oppression which has seen to be true in Rivers State.

It is the view and wish of Rivers Women Alliance that, Rivers State be one at such let power sharing be fair and just in that circumstance. Our multi-dimensional ethnic divides of Okrika, Kalabari, Ibani, Andoni and Ikwerre, Etche, Ogoni, Eleme rightly defines our anthem of Upland and Riverine settlement in one palace of greatness. Rivers Women Alliance remains committed to this course and wished that the much-clamored ROTATION OF POWER come to fruitfulness.

On a Riverine Governor we stand Firm.

Thank you and God bless Rivers State.



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