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Makarfi remains most viable option for the Opposition – Group


As the battle for the presidential ticket of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) enters a crucial stage, a political pressure group, Stand for Nigeria (SFN), has urged PDP delegates to elect Ahmed Makarfi as the most viable option to challenge the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

SFN in a statement by its coordinator, Chuka Abraham, believes that “Makarfi has the political gravitas, acumen, and carries the political mien that is endearing, appealing and will be invaluable in selling the candidature of a viable opposition ticket to Nigeria.”

“How Makarfi was able to navigate the PDP out of troubled waters and repositioned the party to challenge for powers, from a party that was pronounced as dead and no-more-consequential, will remain a true and worthy test of leadership.

“Leadership is everything in solving problems and Makarfi has demonstrated profound leadership; the PDP delegates, leaders and party members are invited to do a serious soul-searching and have a deep rethink about their choice of Presidential candidate.

“It is on record that when those who are currently gallivanting the country as front-liners in the battle for the PDP ticket, where in the ruling APC, doing everything to undermine the PDP, Makarfi was working day and night to reposition the party.

“Assuming President Muhammadu Buhari is not seeking a second term of office, these desperate characters, who are seen to be running the show now, would have remained in the APC, plotting the downfall of the PDP.

“The PDP is therefore reminded, that posterity will be kind to the party and members, if it could rise above emergency courting and cosmetic appeal for votes from those who in 2014 ditched the party in hours of need and embrace the APC.

“We do not need to sell the candidacy of Makarfi to PDP delegates: he is a liberal and cosmopolitan politician whose antecedents as a nationalist and patriot, loom very large, and he will bring all this to bare in the governance of Nigeria,” the statement added.


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