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The Clueless Party Chairman, The Frustrated Adams That Never Existed by Yavala Samuel


I want to still let the so called Adam Oshomhole, the focusless and frustrated APC party chairman to know that we are not dead nor we are deft and doom followers of a lifeless leader in taraba state as others who are under the influence of do as i do affairs of Association of past criminals the (APC).

It will interest Adams to know that, despite taraba state being a salary dependent state. We will never ever be that cheap and stand as low as the Ekiti people who he makes today as point of reference to in stealing their mandate.

Adams’ recent baseless comments towards His Excellency Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku DDI, regarding him as a leader who doesn’t stay but go about spending days overseas. Adams forgot that, the leader of the party he heading spend most of his 3 years in the foreign countries without him making a credible impact for Nigerians as the benefits of his trip.

The frustrated Adams forget so soon that recently His successor whom he rig into power Narrated the debts him Adams left for him as before handing over nothing good enough to pay in years.

Before APC comes to power in 2015 PDP was there for 16 years. We know all his tricks to rig taraba election come 2019. We also know about his exposed planned to disrupt taraba election come February 2019 so that the fail federal government govern by a lifeless president in collaboration with already Colluded INEC will cancel and postpone it to another new date to enable them used the security forces in rigging the mandate of tarabans.
We will not allow any Mule, to rub us of our mandate. We will rather die fighting for our right than to allow any monster 👾 to take away the peace we enjoy in this state.
DDI has been in different countries seeking for foreign investors who come into our state our fatile land to invest for the growth of our economy and national development. We have seen how our High land tea company being salvage and rescued by the rescue captain. Should we talk about the hundreds of thausand of youths who DDI link them through one of his international trip to under go training of which he paid for their tuition fees and training.

I got to believe that Adams is hallucinating, or may be dreaming that he can do and undo whatsoever he wishes to do in taraba just like Ekiti and other states. It will shock him beyond reasonable doubt when he come.

In Taraba state, it is written, sealed and signed that DDI for Governor 2019.

By Yavala Samuel


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